Product Showcase

  1. Out Of Spec/Out Of Trend (OOS/OOT) Software Solutions
    TrackWise by Sparta Systems solution for Out of Spec/Out of Trend (OOS/OOT) ensures potential product non-conformances are properly and efficiently investigated and handled through the tracking and managing of the initial report, phased investigation, root cause analysis and any resulting Corrective Action and Preventative Actions (CAPAs) and change controls.
  2. Deviations Management Software
    The TrackWise by Sparta Systems Deviations Management solution allows a broad range of deviations to be tracked and managed from initial inception, through investigation, root cause analysis through to the execution of corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) and subsequent change controls.
  3. Software Solutions For Product Recalls / Withdrawals
    The TrackWise Product Recall/Product Withdraw solution improves response time to potential recalls by automatically tracking and managing the decision process to recall products from the initial recall request submission through the evaluation and resulting recall decision.
  4. Polish High-Reliability Optical Termini and Contacts

    Krell’s Scepter Fiber Optics Polishing System is ideal for polishing the termini/contacts and fiber optic connections in all military systems that require high reliability under harsh conditions including environmental sensing, aircraft system monitoring, and weapons systems.

  5. IT Process Management Software
    The TrackWise by Sparta Systems IT Process Management Software assists companies foster quality and increase return on investment of IT operations by improving IT processes.
  6. TrackWise Audit Execution Package Software
    As authorities strengthen their oversight of regulated industries and increase the frequency of inspections, companies must be prepared to not only meet strict internal operational compliance requirements but also ensure the quality of goods and services provided by an increasingly global network of suppliers.
  7. Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Software
    While the needs of environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) organizations vary across industries, the overall objectives are the same: to minimize risk and ensure compliance with EH&S rules and regulations while enabling the organization to operate efficiently with minimized exposure costs.
  8. TrackWise EQMS: Training Management Software
    The TrackWise Training Manager extends the functionality of the enterprise quality management Software system (EQMS) to provide automated tracking and managing of employee training, ensuring relevant activities are scheduled and tracked through to completion.
  9. DCR-8 - Dual-Controlled Remote Broadband Switch

    The DCR-8 is an eight port switch remotely controllable via USB or Ethernet. The switch automatically recognizes either type of control connection. Control microwave signals with a laptop or PC using the USB interface or remotely over the internet.

  10. Hotpack Under Counter Glassware Washers And Double Stack Glassware Washers
    Hotpack Under Counter Glassware Washers are engineered for durable, reliable and energy efficient operation. For laboratories with space restraints pick the Space Saver Double Stack Glassware Washer and put two Under Counter Glassware Washers together in a single vertical tower.