Product Showcase

  1. RF Switches

    Corry Micronics offers a complete line of RF switches controlled by PIN diodes that cover the 20MHz to 18GHz frequency range. They’re offered in both reflective and absorptive styles and are designed to be TTL compatible and operate from 5VDC to between -5VDC and -15VDC.

  2. Panasonic Toughbook-74
    Wireless. Tireless. Tough. Ideal for mobile executives; the high-performance, ultra-powerful Toughbook 74 delivers maximum unwired freedom wherever business takes you.
  3. 90º High Power Hybrids

    Corry Micronics 90º high power hybrids cover a frequency range from 870 MHz to 2,200 MHz. A 90º hybrid has two outputs that maintain the same output level but the signals on the two outputs are 90º apart. On our hybrids there is a fourth termination or isolation port that absorbs half of any reflected signals from any mismatch on either output...

  4. Dual Isolators And Circulators

    Corry Micronics is committed to providing customizable solutions in every applications possible. As an industry leader, and one of the key suppliers for critical defense and communication applications, Corry Micronics offers a full range of isolators and circulators.

  5. Directional Couplers

    Corry Micronics offers four types of 50 ohm directional couplers with several different styles and connector options. All Corry Micronics directional couplers feature a flat frequency response and great port-to-port isolation while maintaining low insertion losses

  6. Lumped Element Power Dividers/Combiners

    Corry Micronics’ power dividers and combiners come in several different types and form factors. CMI's standard product line includes 0º, 90º and 180º phase dividers. The power dividers equally divide the signal on to each output line...

  7. Power Dividers

    Corry Micronics offers three main types of power dividers. These power dividers are the Wilkinson style, N connector communications power dividers, Broadband and Ultra-Broadband, SMA connector style and the reactive type power dividers...

  8. Filtered d-Sub Adapters

    Corry Micronics releases for production filtered d-Sub connector adapters. Ceramic tubular adapters are used in applications requiring high levels of attenuation or where the interfering signals cover a wide range of frequencies...

  9. Integrated Suite Of UML® Modeling Tools
    ARTiSAN Studio is an integrated suite of UML® modeling tools targeted to meet the development needs of technical systems. ARTiSAN Studio 6.1 includes features and functionality in support of the new SysML standard which represents a subset of UML 2.0 with extensions to satisfy the needs of systems engineers
  10. Data Acquisition and Recording System
    The new D7000 is designed for a wide range of operational and flight test applications. Featuring adaptable signal interfacing and interchangeable media cartridges, the D7000 provides a highly flexible avionics data acquisition and recording platform in a very compact package