1. OEM Electro-Optical Integration

    PIXELTEQ has decades of experience in helping OEMs build spectral sensing and imaging solutions such as specialty filters, micro-patterned optics, spectral diodes and sensors, multispectral camera engines, and more.

  2. OEM Optical Coatings

    PIXELTEQ offers precision and custom optical coatings through ion beam sputtering (IBS), magnetron sputtering (MSP), and ion-assist deposition (IAD) methods.

  3. Micro-Patterned Filters

    Develop new multispectral imaging applications with PIXELTEQ’s micro-patterned filters. Patented technology enables micro-patterning of dielectric, metal, & RGB color filter array coatings on a single substrate – creating simplified optical devices with superior light management. 

  4. SpectroCam™ Multispectral Wheel Camera

    The SpectroCam™ family of multispectral wheel cameras includes four different models/configurations. Each camera delivers a flexible multispectral hardware and software platform to capture and process multiple spectral bands.

    Designed to reduce development times and simplify the design cycle, SpectroCam™ features a high-speed, continuously rotating filter wheel containing 6-8 interchangeable optical filters. This filter design creates a fully portable and configurable, high-speed multispectral imaging camera. With minimal pixel shift and high frame rate, this dynamic system is a powerful product development tool.

    SpectroCam™ systems are available in a turnkey format complete with lens, standard or custom filters, and acquisition software that can be used for innovative 2D spectroscopy research in a variety of fields including water quality measurement, product screening, machine vision, medical imaging, surveillance and authentication. The system can also be customized for integration into specific OEM products. The SpectroCam™ offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for your current and future multispectral imaging projects.

  5. SpectroCam: UV-VIS Datasheet
  6. SpectroCam: SWIR-VIS Datasheet
  7. SpectroCam: VIS-NIR Datasheet

    This CCD Camera operates in the UV-VIS spectrum and is ideal for applications involving biological identification, forensics, food and water safety, agriculture, and archeology. It offers 1392 x 1040 resolution with a frame rate of 10 fps at full resolution.


  8. PixelCam™ Multispectral Snapshot Camera

    PixelCam™ multispectral cameras are ideal for applications involving aerial surveillance mapping, precision agriculture, biomedical imaging, machine vision, and authentication. The camera, or its multispectral sensor, can also be customized for integration into OEM products.

    PixelCam™ multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands at video rates.  Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift.  Custom dichroic filter arrays are integrated into the focal plane array at wafer-level to create robust linear and area sensors that extract high-contrast spectral information at specific visible and infrared wavelengths.  This breakthrough technology enables easy integration into handheld, mobile and aerial cameras – all with the same frame rate, size, weight, and power consumption as monochrome cameras.

  9. Non-Reflective SP6T RF Switch: SWA-6200-500S Datasheet

    This Non-Reflective SP6T RF Switch operates in the 100 to 1000 MHz frequency range, has a 1.5dB (max) insertion loss, and 50 Ohms impedance. Its two most notable features, however, is that it requires only a positive supply of 10-15 volts, and the fact that it’s RS-422 controlled (most pin diode switches are TTL logic controlled). Download the datasheet for additional information on electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications for this RF switch.

  10. Patterned Optical Coating Capability: PixelTeq™ Datasheet

    Ocean Thin Film’s PixelTeq™ patterned optical coating capability is ideal for applications involving biomedical imaging, reticles and targeting, wafer level coating, and more. This datasheet includes a detailed description of this coating capability, customizable options, features, and more.