1. Connector Polisher for Waveguide Process Flexibility: FLex™

    Krell’s FLexTM fiber optic connector polisher is ideal for R&D laboratory settings and can be used to process waveguides, PLCs, optical chips, and fiber arrays. It supports a variety of component dimensions, a variety of angles, an auto feed function, in-line video inspection, and user-definable features.

  2. Compact Thermal Cameras: Tamarisk Series

    Leonardo DRS’ Tamarisk® family is made up of a less than 2 cubic inch compact thermal cameras that weigh just over an ounce and provide 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution. They are ideal for applications in security and surveillance, unmanned sensors, UAVs, man-portable imaging devices, robotic ground vehicles, medical imaging, and other applications with size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions.

  3. Miniature High-Speed Piezo Scanning & Positioning Stage with Aperture: P-630

    This nanopositioning system features a clear aperture with a 30 mm diameter, travel ranges to 80 µm, and a very stiff mechanical design for fast response and high scanning frequencies. It’s been designed to provide precise optical element positioning for micromachining, microstructuring, and scanning applications.

  4. Miniature High-Speed Piezo Scanning & Positioning Stage with Aperture: P-630 Datasheet

    PI’s P-630 high-dynamics nanopositioning system provides precise optical element positioning for micromachining, microstructuring, and scanning applications.

  5. Multispectral Conversion Kit Datasheet

    Download the datasheet for a detailed description of PixelTeq’s multispectral imaging kit, as well as information on its features and specifications.

  6. Multispectral Conversion Kit

    The SpectroCam™ Multispectral Conversion Kit is the latest addition to Pixelteq’s growing family of multispectral imaging solutions.  This modular attachment converts your monochrome scientific-grade camera into an 8-band multispectral camera, enabling user configuration with a variety of application-specific cameras, lenses, and integration options.  The conversion kit supports a wide selection of interchangeable standard and custom spectral filters across ultraviolet, visible, and NIR-SWIR infrared wavelengths. This system is intended to be used by system integrators to combine the filter wheel with camera using the available SDK.

  7. Motorized C-Mount Compact Lenses Datasheet

    These motorized compact lenses are ideal for variable light conditions where brightness changes over time.

  8. Motorized C-Mount Compact Lenses

    Cinegon, Xenoplan, and Tele-Xenar C-mount industrial compact lenses by Schneider Optics are now available with an integrated motorized iris. This is especially useful in applications that are subjected to variable light conditions when an object’s brightness changes over time.

  9. Airborne Detection of Chemical Powders Using Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

    Applications involving maritime surveillance, border protection, homeland security, and command and control typically use airborne surveillance to detect various types of targets in order to determine shapes, temperatures, or chemical nature.

  10. FAST Thermal Imaging – The New Way to Look at Explosions

    This application explores the use of a high speed, high performance infrared camera used to analyze dust cloud explosions. These types of explosions can occur in work areas where coal, flour, pollen, and powdered metal are present. To find out how infrared cameras can be used to study the ignition, explosion, propagation phenomologies, and other thermodynamic processes in dust cloud explosions, and to ultimately help prevent such explosions, download the application note.