1. Custom Optics and Assemblies Datasheet

    This datasheet provides an overview of Ross Optical’s custom optics and assemblies, including information on design and specification stages, standard specialty optics, custom optics, micro optics, coatings, metrology and inspection services, and assembly solutions.

  2. Custom Optics and Assemblies

    Ross Optical offers a variety of lens types including spheres, aspheres, and micro optics. They’re available from under 1mm to over 150mm in diameter and are ideal for OEM applications in R&D, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and military markets.

  3. Custom Manufactured Prisms and Wedges

    LaCroix Optical Co. manufactures custom precision prisms and wedges according to your exact specifications at our facility in Batesville, Arkansas. A wide variety of prisms and wedges are produced including: 90 degree, anamorphic, cube, dove, and correction wedges.

  4. Custom Manufactured Windows

    LaCroix Optical Company produces window substrates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes using optical or filter glass, fused silica or other glass-like materials. All of our windows are produced and if necessary coated at our facility in Batesville, Arkansas.


  5. Custom Manufactured Mirrors

    LaCroix Optical Company produces mirror substrates in a wide variety of shapes and sizes using optical or filter glass, fused silica or other glass-like materials. All of our mirrors are produced and coated at our facility in Batesville, Arkansas.


  6. Custom Manufactured Achromats

    Achromats are a specialty at LaCroix Optical Co. Our manufacturing engineers will work with production specialists to optimize the manufacturing process utilizing a combination of CNC and conventional manufacturing methods. Special proprietary alignment devices are used to ensure the optical axis of the elements can be maintained to within seconds.

  7. Custom Manufactured Lenses

    Our customers design lenses to meet their system requirements. Our expertise is determining the most efficient way to manufacture them. Depending on attributes and quantity, our manufacturing engineers will determine whether to use a conventional, CNC or hybrid method to make the lenses.

  8. Custom Manufactured Aspheres

    For more than 65 years, LaCroix Optical has been a trusted industry leader in manufacturing custom spherical and plano precision optics. They recently expanded their capabilities to include grinding and polishing aspheric surfaces.

  9. Multispectral Photodiode Developer Kit Datasheet

    This datasheet provides a detailed description of what PixelTeq’s multispectral photodiode developer kit includes, as well as information on its features, specifications, and areas of application.

  10. Connector Polisher for Waveguide Process Flexibility: FLex™ Datasheet

    The FLexTM fiber optic connector polisher has been designed for the cost-effective processing of waveguides, PLS, optical chips, and fiber arrays.