1. Low Power And Compact MWIR Camera

    The Zafiro®640 Micro MWIR camera offers 640 x 480 MWIR pixel resolution, an advanced 12 µm pixel pitch design, low power operation that requires only 5 W at room temperature, 14-bit corrected digital video, and HgCdTe HDVIP® technology.    

  2. Multispectral Infrared Camera: MS-IR

    The MS-IR uses a high-speed filter wheel to perform 8-channel multispectral target signature analysis. Its user adjustable rotating speed can go up to 100 Hz, meaning it can support an up to 800 fps frame rate. The camera’s high dynamic range ensures the highest possible contrast and accuracy in the images it captures.

  3. High Performance Infrared Cameras: HDR-IR Series

    This series of high performance infrared cameras can be used to resolve targets up to 2500oC. High dynamic ranges ensure high contrast and accuracy in the images captured and high performance electronics produce full-frame thermal images at rates up to 1,900 fps.

  4. Benchtop Laser Controller: EM595 Datasheet

    Gooch & Housego developed the EM595 to be a benchtop controller of their 14-pin DFB lasers or single-mode lasers.

  5. Narrow Linewidth Semiconductor Laser: EM750 Datasheet

    The Gooch and Housego EM750 represents a new generation of OEM narrow-linewidth lasers. It is based on the EM650 family of integrated DFB lasers known for their ultra-low noise, stability, and tunability.

  6. Micro Optic Components Datasheet

    The growing use of compact, portable, and disposable optical devices challenges suppliers to maintain quality and performance while cutting size, weight, and cost.

  7. Quality, Precision Optics

    The LaCroix name is synonymous with quality precision optics. Since 1947, three generations of family leadership have placed LaCroix Optical Co. as one of the premier independent precision optical manufacturers in America. 

  8. Micro Optics

    Ross Optical’s line of micro optics includes achromats, plano convex lenses, and bi-convex lenses. These optical components allow for shorter focal lengths in compact systems and feature diameters from sub-millimeter to 6 mm.

  9. Precision Molded Aspherical Lenses: Datasheet

    This datasheet provides an overview of Ross Optical’s aspherical lenses (aspheres). These lens types offer several advantages over spherical optical components.

  10. Precision Molded Aspherical Lenses

    Aspherical lenses, or aspheres, are typically used in high efficiency illumination systems due to their shorter focal length and correction for spherical and coma aberrations. These characteristics result in better overall image quality.