1. Multispectral Infrared Camera: MS-IR Family Datasheet

    Telops’ MS-IR family is composed of multispectral imaging cameras available in MW and VLW configurations. They have the ability to split a scene into eight separate spectral bands, and are particularly well suited for quartz mineral identification and methane detection and identification.

  2. High Performance Infrared Camera: HDR-IR Family Datasheet

    This high performance infrared camera family comes with InSb detectors and covers the 3µm to 5.5µm spectral range. Download the datasheet to learn more about its features and specifications.

  3. Tamarisk® Series: Compact Thermal Cameras

    These compact thermal cameras are available in 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 pixel resolution configurations and are the ideal solution for applications with aggressive size, weight, and power (SWaP) restrictions.

  4. Low Power And Compact MWIR Camera Datasheet

    Leonardo DRS’ ZafiroTM640 Micro is an MWIR camera with a 3.4µm – 4.8µm spectral response. It’s ideal for space-restricted imaging applications. For information on its features and specifications, download the datasheet.

  5. Telops’ High Performance Infrared Cameras: An Overview

    Telops offers a suite of high-performance infrared cameras for defense, environmental, and scientific applications. This brochure provides an overview of their many camera offerings.

  6. Wheel Multispectral Cameras: SpectroCam Series Datasheet

    SpectroCam multispectral cameras deliver live processed images of 6 - 8 spectral bands at full frame resolution and rates up to 30 frames per second (~4-5 stacks per second). Configure SpectroCam for your application using standard and custom interchangeable optical filters. Available in ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and short wave infrared (SWIR) versions, SpectroCam cameras incorporate high-sensitivity image sensors.

  7. Multispectral Photodiodes: PixelSensor Series Datasheet

    PIXELTEQ’s line of multispectral photodiodes are ideal for applications involving remote/wireless sensors, biomedical instrumentation and devices, optical scanning, in-line inspection, food processing, industrial sensing, security and intrusion detection, and more.

  8. SnapShot Multispectral Camera: PixelCam Datasheet

    The PixelCam Multispectral Camera features a Goodrich solid state InGaAs sensor that provides 640 x 512 pixel resolution and high quality 12-bit images. To find out how this camera can help with your applications involving biomedical imaging, machine vision, surveillance, aerial mapping, product screening, water quality measurement, and more, download the datasheet.

  9. Micro-Patterned Filters Datasheet

    This datasheet includes information on PIXELTEQ’s micro-patterned optical coatings, as well as information on their features, benefits, and how they fit into applications involving multispectral imaging and sensing, CCD and CMOS sensors/cameras, non-invasive biomedical imaging, enhanced surveillance and vision systems, precision reticles, focal plane arrays, and more.

  10. Vaisala Data Loggers Protect Critical NASA Data

    In August 2001, NASA launched the Materials on the International Space Station Experiment (MISSE), a cooperative effort with the Air Force Research Laboratory, Boeing, the Langley Research Center and several other aerospace industry leaders.