Another Shuttle Success for RIFOCS Corporation!

Source: RIFOCS Corporation

- RIFOCS Corporation's MI LAERO Division celebrates yet another successful shuttle mission
RIFOCS Corporationrillo, CA - <%=company%> MI LAERO Division celebrates yet another successful shuttle mission!

The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched on February 11, 2000, on the STS-99 Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). This radar instrument, built and managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, together with the shuttle crew, successfully acquired a high-resolution topographic map of the Earth's land mass (between 60°N and 56°S) and tested new technologies for deployment of large rigid structures and measurement of their distortions to extremely high precision.

n support of the 5. 3 GHz calibration loop of the SRTM instrument, RIFOCS Corporation supplied fiber optic assemblies terminated with the aerospace-qualified AVIM connector. The fiber optic system contained a fiber optic transmitter, a fiber optic circulator, a single-mode fiber optic cable assembly, a Faraday rotating half mirror, two fiber optic receivers, and a custom designed temperature controlled phase shifter consisting of a spool of single-mode optical fiber. Most of these components were carefully selected, slightly modified, commercial-off-the-shelf devices, modified to meet requirements. Most of them had never been used in a space application.

George Lutes of Jet Propulsion Labs/NASA said, "The success of SRTM is a tribute to the dedication, skill, and hard work that you (RIFOCS Corporation) and your team put into doing your part. I t is particularly significant because it is new technology to the spacecraft community and we hope it will serve as a foot in the door for future applications of photonic systems in space."

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